The Five Sorrowful Mysteries

The Agony of Our Lord in the Garden.
The scourging at the pillar.
The crowning with thorns.
Jesus carries His Cross to Calvary.
Jesus is crucified.

The First Sorrowful Mystery

The agony of Our Lord in the garden.

Grace to ask for: contrition for our sins.

Jesus came with them into a place which is called Gethsemani; and He said to His disciples: Sit you here, till I go yonder and pray. Matthew 26. 36.

Taking with Him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee, He began to grow sorrowful and to be sad. Matthew 26. 37.

My soul is sorrowful even unto death: stay you here, and watch with me. Matthew 26. 38.

Withdrawn away from them, kneeling down, He prayed, Father, if Thou wilt, remove this chalice from me: yet not my will, but Thine be done. Luke 22. 41–42.

He cometh to His disciples, and findeth them asleep, and He saith to Peter: What? Could you not watch one hour with me? Matthew 26. 40.

Watch ye, and pray that ye enter not into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. Matthew 26. 41.

Again the second time, He went and prayed: My Father, if this chalice may not pass away, but I must drink it, Thy will be done. Matthew 26. 42.

He cometh again and findeth them sleeping: Leaving them, He went again: and He prayed the third time, saying the selfsame word. Matthew 26. 43–44.

And there appeared to Him an angel from heaven, strengthening Him. Being in an agony, He prayed the longer. Luke 22. 43.

His sweat became as drops of blood, trickling down upon the ground. Luke 22. 44.

Then He cometh to His disciples, and saith to them: Sleep ye now and take your rest. Matthew 26. 45.

Behold the hour is at hand, and the Son of man shall be betrayed into the hands of sinners. Matthew 26. 45.

The Second Sorrowful Mystery

The scourging at the pillar.

Grace to ask for: mortification of the flesh.

He shall be delivered to the Gentiles, shall be mocked, scourged, and spit upon: After they have scourged Him, they will put Him to death. Luke 18. 32–33.

Whom will you that I release to you, Barabbas, or Jesus that is called Christ? Barabbas. Matthew 27. 17, 21.

What shall I do then with Jesus that is called Christ? Let him be crucified. Matthew 27. 22.

The governor said to them: Why, what evil hath he done? But they cried out the more, saying: Let him be crucified. Matthew 27. 23.

I find no cause of death in him. I will chastise him therefore, and let him go. Luke 23. 22.

Then therefore, Pilate took Jesus, and scourged him. John 19. 1.

He was wounded for our iniquities, He was bruised for our sins: and by His bruises we are healed. Isaiah 53. 5.

Why is thy apparel red, and thy garments like theirs that tread in the winepress? I have trodden the winepress alone. Isaiah 62. 2–3.

I looked about, and there was none to help: I sought, and there was none to give aid. Isaiah 62. 5.

There is no beauty in him, nor comeliness: and we have seen him. There was no sightliness, that we should be desirous of him. Isaiah 53. 2.

Despised, and the most abject of men, a man of sorrows, and acquainted with infirmity. Isaiah 53. 3.

Surely He hath borne our infirmities and carried our sorrows. Isaiah 53. 4.

The Third Sorrowful Mystery

The crowning with thorns.

Grace to ask for: mortificaiton of the mind and heart.

The soldiers of the governor taking Jesus into the hall, gathered together unto Him the whole band. Matthew 27. 27.

Stripping Him, they put a scarlet cloak about Him. Matthew 27. 28.

Platting a crown of thorns, they put it upon His head, and a reed in His right hand. Matthew 27. 29.

Bowing the knee before Him, they mocked Him, saying: Hail, king of the Jews. Matthew 27. 29.

Spitting upon Him, they took the reed, and struck His head. Matthew 27. 30.

Pilate said to them: Behold, I bring Him forth unto you, that you may know that I find no cause in Him. John 19. 4.

Jesus therefore came forth, bearing the crown of thorns and the purple garment. John 19. 5.

And he saith to them: Behold the Man. Behold your king. John 19. 5, 14.

When the chief priests, and the servants, had seen Him, they cried out: Crucify Him, crucify Him. Away with Him; away with Him; crucify Him. John 19. 6, 15.

Pilate saith to them: Shall I crucify your king? John 19. 15.

The chief priests answered: We have no king but Caesar. John 19. 15.

If thou release this man, thou art not Caesar's friend. John 19. 12.

The Fourth Sorrowful Mystery

Jesus carries His Cross to Calvary.

Grace to ask for: an increase in patience.

Pilate seeing that he prevailed nothing; taking water washed his hands before the people, saying: I am innocent of the blood of this just man; look you to it. Matthew 27. 24.

The whole people answering, said: His blood be upon us and upon our children. Matthew 27. 25.

Then he released to them Barabbas, and delivered Him unto them to be crucified. Matthew 27. 26.

They took Jesus, and led Him forth. Bearing His own cross, He went forth to that place which is called Calvary. John 19. 16–17.

O how sad and sore distress'd, was that Mother highly blest of the sole-begotten one. Stabat Mater 3.

O all ye that pass by the way, attend, and see if there be any sorrow like to my sorrow. Lamentations 1. 12.

Going out, they found a man of Cyrene, named Simon: him they forced to take up His cross. Matthew 27. 32.

There followed Him a great multitude of people, and of women, who bewailed and lamented Him. Luke 23. 27. One courageous woman wiped His face with her veil.

Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not over me; but weep for yourselves, and for your children. Luke 23. 28.

A just man shall fall seven times and shall rise again. Proverbs 24. 16. Tradition records several falls of Jesus on His journey.

And they came to the place that is called Golgotha, which is the place of Calvary. Matthew 27. 33.

If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. Luke 9. 23.

The Fifth Sorrowful Mystery

Jesus is crucified.

Grace to ask for: the spirit of sacrifice.

When they were come to the place which is called Calvary, they crucified Him there; and the robbers, one on the right hand, and the other on the left. Luke 23. 33.

Jesus said: Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. But they, dividing His garments, cast lots. Luke 23. 34.

The people and the rulers derided Him: He saved others; let him save himself, if he be Christ, the elect of God. The soldiers also mocked Him. Luke 23. 35–36.

One of those robbers who were hanged, blasphemed Him. But the other rebuked him, saying: This man hath done no evil. Luke 23. 39–41.

Lord, remember me when Thou shalt come into Thy kingdom. Luke 23. 42.

Amen I say to thee, this day thou shalt be with me in paradise. Luke 23. 43.

Jesus saith to His mother: Woman, behold thy son. And that, to the disciple: Behold thy mother. John 19. 26–27.

And behold the veil of the temple was rent in two from the top even to the bottom, the earth quaked, and the rocks were rent. Matthew 27. 51.

About the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying: Eli, Eli, lamma sabacthani? That is, My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me? Matthew 27. 46.

Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the scripture might be fulfilled, said: I thirst. John 19. 28.

One of them running took a sponge, filled it with vinegar. Matthew 27. 48. Jesus, when He had taken the vinegar, said: It is consummated. John 19. 30.

Jesus crying out with a loud voice, said: Father, into Thy hands I commend my spirit. Saying this, He gave up the ghost. Luke 23. 46.